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In September 1990, the global price of oil had become very volatile, and the Federal Energy Bar Association, at my recommendation, chose to have a first-ever keynote speaker focused on international energy issues for its November 1990 Annual Meeting.  At my invitation, on behalf of the FEBA, the then-Secretary General of OPEC did make the keynote speech.  That OPEC leader was H.E. Sadek Boussena, Algeria's Minister of Mines & Industry.  H.E. Abdu Bensid, at the time Algeria's Ambassador to the U.S. and the United Nations, told me it was the first time an Algerian minister had traveled to the U.S. under private invitation, rather than government-to-government.

I did much of the advance work on and accompanied Minister Boussena and his large delegation, including Mohamed Fechkeur, Founder of The RedMed Group, on their visits over six days in Washington, New York and Houston.  On his departure, Sadek invited me to visit him in Algiers in January.  My January trip was postponed by the commencement of the First Gulf War, but new Minister Nordine Ait-Laoussine renewed it for March 1992.  I had a marvelous four days in Algiers and, to the west, Tipaza.  Thus began my deep interest in the citizens and nation of Algeria.

Over the years, I have been acquainted with each of Algeria's succession of Ambassadors to the United States, and many of the senior Algerian diplomats who serve in the Algerian missions in the U.S. and elsewhere.  I have become friends with a great many of Algeria's government and business leaders, as well as with a great many successful Algerian ex-pats living in the U.S. and Canada.  I am a Co-Founder and first Corporate Secretary of the United States-Algerian Business Council, dedicated to the promotion of two-way commerce.  Later, I worked with Dr. Elias Zerhouni as Co-Founders of the Algerian-American Foundation for Culture, Education, Science & Technology.

My interest in Algeria continues, both to work to improve opportunities for the Algerian citizenry, as well as to recognize the central role that Algeria can play in both the political stability and commerce of the Middle East and North Africa region.

Licensed in the U. S. Supreme Court, Wisconsin, District of Columbia and Oklahoma